Miyerkules, Mayo 4, 2011

Albie Casino

Name: Alan Benedict Lee Casiño
Known as: Albie Casiño
Birthdate: May 14, 1993
Hometown: Makati City

Alan Benedict Lee Casiño, more commonly known as "Albie" is a actor. He was casted to ABS-CBN’s Your Song Presents: Gimik 2010 in May 2009. The show went on from April – July 2010 where he was “Albie Marquez”, nephew of Diane (Judy Ann Santos). In August 2010, he was asked to portray the role of “Christian” in Mara Clara remake. The show debuted in October 29, 2010 where he is the love interest of Mara, portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo. At his young age, Albie revealed that he has already had four girlfriends. Albie was recently named as one of the Top 20 Candy Cuties for 2010 (at #7)

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